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Urban Art as a Part of City Planning

When one thinks of urban planning, they rarely take art into account. Largely thought of as only being available in museums or hanging on the walls of homes of the elite, art is actually everywhere, and it is all the more apparent in our communities. What Is “Urban Art”? Urban art can take on many

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Insights Into Building Smart Cities

Part of what makes planning such a rewarding profession is that we have a direct say in how our future communities will work and appear. What often becomes an issue, however, is setting out specific steps to achieve these envisioned towns and cities. This is particularly true of “smart cities”. There’s no doubt that smart

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The Thought Leaders Community Planners Must Follow

No one has all of the answers all of the time. That’s why it’s important for planners to have a network of other individuals in their and similar industries – to troubleshoot issues, to come up with new ideas, and to collaborate to make a difference in communities. Some of the best sources of information

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Three Community Planning Trends Worth Your Attention

Few professions need to be as proactively forward-thinking as planners. Professional planning firms and their teams are responsible for constantly surveying the market and identifying areas of growth as well as key ideas that are attracting the attention of decision-makers in both the government and in the private sector. The problem lies in the evolution

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