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Ransomware Is Putting A Damper On Our Smart City Future

Last month, we found out that hackers took down a county government in California. Around the same time, a city in Maine lost control of all its data. These followed New York state’s capital, Albany, admitting that hackers had crippled the city’s technology operations, which means just about everything important in the city was taken

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More lighting alone does not create safer cities. Look at what research with young women tells us

In 2019, The Australia We Want report noted that at least half of Australian women do not feel safe walking alone at night. This is unsurprising given the prevalence of sexual harassment and gender violence women manage when moving through cities every day. Women’s avoidance of areas of the city creates a complex internal geography of exclusion zones and “take extreme

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Active mobility key to healthier communities

What is active mobility? It’s the idea that people can walk, ride their bike, or use other forms of transportation to get around. Active mobility is not only healthy, but it’s also environmentally friendly. Safe, convenient, and affordable mass transit options paired with urban planning and design that allows for greater walkability can create healthy

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