What planners and lawyers are saying about Planiter

“What I like about Planiter is that someone else is my eyes and ears ‘on the ground’ so that I know what is going on, and can concentrate on issues that matter.”

“I think Planiter is a tremendous tool for the planning industry in Brisbane. I was sceptical at first given the presence of the Council PD Online system and interactive mapping and I questioned why our firm would need to subscribe to a service that presents the same information in a different way. However, after the first day of using it, you really appreciate the ease of using the mapping platform and the speed with which you can obtain information. I’m not sure if you are from a town planning background, but I feel like it’s something only a town planner would understand!

Without a doubt, my favourite feature is the ability to download all PDF documents from the application case file with 1 click, rather than having to select and download each document individually. This makes it quick and painless to sort through the file and to find information easily. It seems like an insignificant thing, but it is an absolute nightmare to deal with using PD Online!

We recently undertook a study to identify new commercial uses granted within a specific area since the adoption of a new Neighbourhood (Local) Plan in 2008. The Neighbourhood Plan contained some planning controls that made new commercial development appear very difficult and the client was seeking to obtain feedback on the likelihood of approval of a new commercial premises in the area. Planiter allowed us to zoom to the area and select development applications that fit the use criteria in order to source the application and/or approval documents. This is simply not possible using PD Online and short of running application searches on every single property in the area, we would not have been able to source the information. Providing planning advice such as this is a large part of our firm’s offer and also contributes significantly to new work. Planiter not only makes it easier, but allows us to present a much more informative advice for our clients.

I hope to keep using Planiter as the first port-of-call when sourcing information about development applications. All the best!”

“The thing I like the most about Planiter is that you can easily select which local government authorities you want data for. I’ve found this is great for researching applications lodged to regional councils and comparing the number of applications lodged across local government authorities.”

“I like the ease of using the software, however what I appreciate most is the customer care feature and speed at which responses are provided. Having a good program is one thing. Having the right support takes it to the next level.”

“Planiter is an excellent tool as it allows, at a touch of a few buttons, a quick precis of nearby approved development; it also allows a rapid ‘download’ of all relevant documentation pertaining to a development application. The fact that it also allows searches of a range of Councils is an additional advantage! Well worth the investment.”

“I really like the ability to bulk download the PD Online documents - it saves a lot of time when preparing briefs of material to counsel/experts.”

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