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DA & PD Tracking Online | Planiter™ – The Planning & Development app that makes researching and monitoring planning and development applications easy. Finally, a one stop app that allows you to: do an array of searches, set tracking areas, receive alerts, research historical planning applications and download all the necessary documents you need quickly and effortlessly.

PD Online Queensland Councils

The way you track planning approvals has changed...

Researching and monitoring planning and development applications can be a complicated process.

Every council and authority has their own systems making it very difficult to work across multiple authorities and keep up to date about lodgements that could affect your clients.

Imagine if you could set a search area that alerted you each time a new application was lodged in your area of interest?

Imagine being able to easily access the historical data that would allow you the ability to know about precedents that might support your own application, or allow you to object to an application with the ability to download hundreds of submissions for an application and search for similar applications?

Well, now you can!

Meet Planiter™

The one stop app that allows you to;

  • do an array of searches (applications, areas, councils)
  • set tracking areas (e.g. 1 Eagle Street, Brisbane City, Queensland, Australia)
  • receive alerts
  • research historical planning applications and
  • easily download all the documents you need all from your computer.

This means you will save time and money and have the information you need to make informed recommendations for your clients.

Whether you are a solo operator, a large practice, a lawyer, planner, architect, conveyancer or a real estate agent, Planiter™ is the right PD Online tool for you.

PD Online Demonstration Selecting and Address with Markers
PD Online Demonstration Queensland Council Updates

Advanced Search

 Pinpoint regions with satellite accuracy.
Search the exact address, suburb or region you are looking to find planning application information for. Users can also search by Application ID (a very powerful and handy feature).

PD Online Demonstration Selecting and Address with Markers
PD Online Demonstration Set Tracking Areas

Set Tracking Areas

 Track the areas that are important to you
Track planning application updates and information based on addresses, suburbs or regions that you set.

Receive Alerts

 Get notified in real-time with the latest updates.
Receive notifications for when an application in your area has been updated. Get important information quickly and conveniently. Users will also be notified when a new application has been issued in an area of interest.

PD-Online Demonstration Receive Application Alerts
PD Online Demonstration Research Historical Applications

Historical Research

 A blast from the past 
Easily look through past planning applications for any region you desire. Easily see when applications were lodged, if they were granted and the titles of the application.

Download All Documents

 Download anything you need in one easy click.
Find the planning application you want and download it to your computer. Do it one document at a time or in one big zip file.

PD Online Demonstration Download All Data

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Planiter™ allows users to save a huge amount of time and money when doing planning and development online.

Be prepared to experience a much more efficient way to PD Online.

Our users love the fact that we:

  • Reduce the search effort and costs that are currently required to keep up to date with constant changes.
  • Provide alerts every time a land use planning proposal or amendment gets lodged with a council in their chosen areas.
  • Provide early notification about planning proposals that could potentially affect the value of your or your clients’ landholdings. This enables you to take early action to protect your interests or maximise benefits.
  • Provides the ability to “steal a march on your competition”

Sign up today for a FREE 14 day Planiter™ trial and see for yourself what makes Planiter™ the “must-have” app for Planning and Property professionals.

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